Wholesale Fabric

Wholesale Fabric

Our main business is manufacturing fabric in large quantities for sale to garment factories in Thailand. We specialize in 100% Cotton and Cotton/Polyester blends, but are equally capable in producing high quality Polyester, Rayon and other blends as well.

Be it the highest quality cotton textiles made from branded yarns for high end garments, fabrics with certified anti-bacterial technology, or high-tech fabrics used for special applications, we are able to produce to your specifications. For clients looking for a completely unique product altogether, we are able to work closely with them in creating a brand new fabric construction that will most effectively meet their needs. Whether it is a certain texture, look, or feeling that is desired, or a unique value such as environmental responsibility that is required, Kaytex’s expertise and experience makes every request a reality, at the best price.

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Specialty Fabrics

Yarn Dyed and Jacquard Fabrics


We have strong partnerships with some of the best spinning, weaving and dyeing factories in Thailand, making us very well equipped and flexible in producing fabric of any quality in any price range.