Wholesale Finished Goods

Wholesale Finished Goods

For those wishing to purchase ready to use finished garments or other textiles goods in wholesale quantities, we have partnerships with some of the best garment factories in Thailand, and can offer you a wide range of products made exactly to your specifications. Anything from uniforms for schools, restaurants, and hotels, to high quality bed linens, we will get it done with quality workmanship. Kaytex strives to be a one-stop station to fulfill our clients every need. Rest assured we take care of all the details to give you the best possible product at the best possible price.


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Hospitality Bed Linens and Accessories

Household Bed Linens and Accessories


Our garment factory has a team of highly skilled workers using state-of-the art technology to ensure quality workmanship in producing the finest clothing Thailand has to offer. We also have strong relations with specialist factories producing the highest quality household textiles and bed linens.