We are able to produce fabrics with anti-microbial properties using one of two methods. The first is treating the fabric with Sanitized Swiss technology, and the second is using Nano Zinc Oxide infused yarn which gives the fabric permanent anti-microbial protection that does not decrease no matter how many times it is washed. This is very beneficial in fabrics used for PPE, bandages, bedding, facemasks and anti-odour sportswear.


We are able to produce fabrics that utilize COOL-MODE technology. COOL-MODE fabrics absorb perspiration from the skin and transfer it to the atmosphere more efficiently than other fabrics, keeping the body cool and dry. The wicking property of the finish ensures that perspiration is not retained in the garment, contributing to good hygiene and odour management as well. This is ideal for fabric that is intended for active wear, especially when used in conjunction with Sanitized anti-bacterial finishing.


We are able to produce fabrics with water repellent coatings that greatly help stain resistance in garments, as well as provide added protection in applications such as PPE, especially when combined with Sanitized anti-bacterial finishing. These finishes can be applied to any material from cotton to polyester and even rayon.


We are able to produce fabrics using fibres made of a modified polyester polymer that incorporates a fire resistant additive into the molecular chain. These yarns give the fabric an inherent fire resistant quality that will never wash or wear out. Fabrics made of these yarns meet international standards of flame retardance, and can be used for household textiles, chef’s uniforms, or even fire fighting applications if required.


For customers looking for “green” fabrics, we can utilize yarns made of certified organic cotton, as well as polyester yarns made from recycled plastic. We can also make fabrics with OEKO-TEX certification if required for branding/labelling purposes.


We have access to premium, certified branded yarns from COTTON USA, including the highest quality PIMA options, which can be used to make fabric for customers requiring superior brand identity.